Blockbusters, Brackets, and Basketball

Hey fans, as the second month of the season comes to an end, our team is 22-26.  We hit a couple of rough patches, but we are 6-3 over our past 9 games, playing well.  We aren’t quite at the dog days of summer yet, but we are in a stretch of 24 straight games without a day off.  So when you have day games, it is important to take advantage of your afternoon and evening.  I am a big movie buff, so over the past week I have taken in 3 movies.

The other day after a day game I went to go see the new movie Angels and Demons.  I saw The Davinci Code and also read the book, and I thought this movie was just as good.  Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are a great duo, and I recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. 

I also saw X-Men: Wolverine and The Terminator.  Both were action adventures that were sequels to the originals.  If you are in the mood for cheap entertainment and good special effects, these movies are good for you!

Also recently, if you do not follow college baseball, the NCAA playoffs have begun.  This weekend is the first round regional bracket.  A few of my teammates and I are following the games on ESPN.  Although USC did not make the tournament, Coastal Carolina and Ohio State (my roommates alma mater’s) made it.  And UC Irvine, where my younger brother plays baseball at, made it as well.  These college playoff games are exciting and bring back old memories of playing with a metal bat!

I have also been following the NBA playoffs.  I originally predicted the Cavaliers taking on the Lakers, but Orlando is looking good.  There are a lot of Magic fans in Tampa, being only 45 minutes away from Amway Arena, where they play.  But I will be wearing purple and gold this week, for my heart must stay true to my hometown Lakers.  It should be a fun and exciting series.

That’s all I got this week, thanks again to all those who follow the Tampa Yankees and my blog.  God Bless.

Matt Cusick


  1. juliasrants

    Angels and Demons was a great movie – and the book, in my opinion, was better then the Da Vinci code. Did you see the 25 inning game between Boston College and Texas? Wow – what a game! And sorry, but as a life long Boston Celtics fan I can’t be rooting for the Lakers!



    Hey Matt:

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. I find it very interesting to hear about what you guys do beyond baseball.


    I have been a Yankee fan for some time now, but the way they are playing against the Red Sox, with no good picthers, makes me wonder? They just don’t seem to be in the game. I live in the Nothern part of the country where the Yanks are not loved, and to see them get spanked from the Soxs, is just ridiculous. I am loosing my respect for them! I just don’t understand why they don’t save the best for the Sox, like pitchers, and so on, wonder what the boss thinks………


    To Yankees:
    If you want to win this series, you must/should do the SIGN OF THE CROSS, when batting and in your defense. You will lose this series if you don’t want or refuse the almighty’s help. I saw A-Rod making the sign of the cross during the division series, but no sign of the cross in game 1 of the world series that’s why you lost.
    ARod was a desapointment during the previous years, but this year he;s extraordinary for making the sign of the cross.

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