On the Road Again

Dear All,

I am blogging to you today from the road, in particular Brevard County.  It is raining cats and dogs here.  In the next two days the weather channel is predicting 5-7 inches!!  Some of my roommates and I just ate across the street for lunch, and had to ask two random strangers for a short ride back to the hotel!  It was raining that hard.  God Bless them for being so kind and offering us all a ride. 

Being on the road in minor league baseball is much different than playing at home.  First, we travel from hotel room to hotel room, with more room key cards in my wallet than debit cards.  Also, since none of us have cars, we are forced to eat whatever is within walking distance of the hotel.  And if nothing is around, get used to calling Dominoes and Pizza Hut.  Needless to say eating healthy in the minors is a really tough thing to do. 

We also spend a lot of time reading, watching TV, and ordering movies from our hotel room.  There always seems to be more down time when you’re playing on the road than when you are at home.  Fortunately in the Florida State League travel is a piece of cake.  The longest trip we have is about 4 hours, compared to 12 hours last year when I was in the SAL league.  Some of those trips were brutal!

This morning we went to the local gym and lifted weights for about an hour.  Lifting weights during the season is much different than the offseason.  In season it is all about maintenance lifting, and trying to keep body weight.  We usually lift twice a week in season.  You can’t go to heavy and risk getting sore, since you play every day.  Whereas the offseason lifting regiment is much harder.  It is usually for a couple hours a day for 5 or so days a week, and I am constantly sore! 

We just recently got some new players to the squad, Walter Ibarra and Brian Baisley.  They have been contributing both to our offensive and defensive game.  While I am on that topic- that’s another tough aspect the regular fan may not know about the minors.  In a week or two you could be sent off to another team in a different state or time zone.  Some guys on our team have been sent to Charleston, South Carolina (Low A)and Trenton, New Jersey (Double A), other New York Yankees minor league affiliates.  It really is a wild lifestyle. 

Well, that’s all for now.  I will be back in a week or so to update again!  Thanks to everyone who reads and comments.

Matt Cusick

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