Cue’s Corner

Dear family, friends, fans, bloggers, and most importantly-moms, Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope that every mom, grandma, host mom, step mom, and team mom have a great day today.  Speaking of which, my mom was just out to visit for about a week.  I am originally from California, so it was a long trip for her out here to visit, although I think she enjoyed her stay watching us play.  Also, my girlfriend came out a few weeks ago to visit, and is planning another trip currently.  It is always nice to have visitors during the long season, especially when you are so far from home.

Today is an off day for us, and we do out best to take advantage of them.  (We only get about 1 every 2 weeks!)  I use off days as time to relax and get away from baseball.  I am probably going to head to the pool since it is such a nice day here in Florida, and maybe go see a movie later this afternoon. 

I will also be tuning in later to watch the Laker game.  I am not a huge basketball fan, but I used to go to a few Laker games back in college.  Our campus is literally walking distance from where they play.  I would like to see the Lakers go all the way, although I don’t see anyone stopping Lebron James and the Cavaliers right now.  They look unstoppable.

Thank you all for your cooking comments.  My roommate Eric just recently bought ‘A Man, A Can, A Plan’ and has put together a few recipes.  The cornbread casserole is really good! 

I have not been to the Dallas Bull, although I have heard of it.  In fact, some of the guys were talking about going to see country singer Eric Church perform there in a couple weeks.  I will definitely visit there before my days in Tampa end.  And yes, I enjoy Toby Keith a lot!  In fact, I used his song “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” as my walkup song to hit back in 2007 when I was in short-season A ball. 

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day!

Matt Cusick

-Errors and omissions-

Over the past week I learned how to properly spell “Yuker”.  “Euchre” is how it is spelled in Webster’s.  I didn’t major in English so your gonna have to take it easy on me!  Also, I was informed by one of our coaches, Tim McIntosh, that “barbequing” is when you are cooking our for at least 3 hours, while “grilling” is the proper terminology used for cooking for less than 3 hours.  Back in California we only use the term barbeque.  My deepest apologies.  Haha.


  1. juliasrants

    Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes. Do not worry about mixing up Bar-b-que and grilling! Great choice of cook books; you should also check out the Football tailgating cookbook. Most of the recipes are quick and pretty straight forward. Have a great off day.


  2. mlb4life12

    It’s great reading your blog. I will definetly see you when you join the Thunder (hopefully) later in the season. They have a major league coach staff, and Tony Franklin has been one of the most succesfull milb managers. You should learn a lot from them.

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