May 2009

Blockbusters, Brackets, and Basketball

Hey fans, as the second month of the season comes to an end, our team is 22-26.  We hit a couple of rough patches, but we are 6-3 over our past 9 games, playing well.  We aren’t quite at the dog days of summer yet, but we are in a stretch of 24 straight games without a day off.  So when you have day games, it is important to take advantage of your afternoon and evening.  I am a big movie buff, so over the past week I have taken in 3 movies.

The other day after a day game I went to go see the new movie Angels and Demons.  I saw The Davinci Code and also read the book, and I thought this movie was just as good.  Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are a great duo, and I recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. 

I also saw X-Men: Wolverine and The Terminator.  Both were action adventures that were sequels to the originals.  If you are in the mood for cheap entertainment and good special effects, these movies are good for you!

Also recently, if you do not follow college baseball, the NCAA playoffs have begun.  This weekend is the first round regional bracket.  A few of my teammates and I are following the games on ESPN.  Although USC did not make the tournament, Coastal Carolina and Ohio State (my roommates alma mater’s) made it.  And UC Irvine, where my younger brother plays baseball at, made it as well.  These college playoff games are exciting and bring back old memories of playing with a metal bat!

I have also been following the NBA playoffs.  I originally predicted the Cavaliers taking on the Lakers, but Orlando is looking good.  There are a lot of Magic fans in Tampa, being only 45 minutes away from Amway Arena, where they play.  But I will be wearing purple and gold this week, for my heart must stay true to my hometown Lakers.  It should be a fun and exciting series.

That’s all I got this week, thanks again to all those who follow the Tampa Yankees and my blog.  God Bless.

Matt Cusick

May Days

Happy 3 day weekend everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend.  Last week we had an Armed Forces night in which we wore camouflage uniforms and celebrated those who have served and our currently serving our country.  This is a good time to thank all of those who have contributed to the freedoms our country gives us.

Speaking of special nights at the ballpark, next week we will be wearing new pink uniforms to honor all those affected by breast cancer.  After the game we will be auctioning the jerseys off and the money goes to a good cause, so please contribute if at all possible!

Today’s game was a great one!  We were trailing 3 runs with two outs in the bottom of the 8th inning when all of the sudden we exploded for 7 runs to take the lead!  It was by far our best comeback win of the season to date. 

After the game the Tampa Yankee Booster Club was nice enough to sponsor a hearty meal for all the players.  Last year when I played Lexington, Kentucky we had host parents who did a similar type of thing.  Booster club members are just one of the few behind-the-scenes workers for the team.  Having them around makes life easier in minor league baseball. 

Over the past couple of days I have been calling some of my ex-teammates and talking to them about how their season has been going.  I have talked to a couple guys who are in the Astro system, along with one of my good friends who plays in the Dodger organization that I played with in college.  I have played on so many teams throughout my amateur and professional career that it’s nice to stay in touch with some of the guys.  I have made some life long friends in baseball.    

Me and some of my teammates visited the Dallas Bull last week for a country music concert.  It was a great venue and I really enjoyed myself.  Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Until next time,

Matt Cusick

On the Road Again

Dear All,

I am blogging to you today from the road, in particular Brevard County.  It is raining cats and dogs here.  In the next two days the weather channel is predicting 5-7 inches!!  Some of my roommates and I just ate across the street for lunch, and had to ask two random strangers for a short ride back to the hotel!  It was raining that hard.  God Bless them for being so kind and offering us all a ride. 

Being on the road in minor league baseball is much different than playing at home.  First, we travel from hotel room to hotel room, with more room key cards in my wallet than debit cards.  Also, since none of us have cars, we are forced to eat whatever is within walking distance of the hotel.  And if nothing is around, get used to calling Dominoes and Pizza Hut.  Needless to say eating healthy in the minors is a really tough thing to do. 

We also spend a lot of time reading, watching TV, and ordering movies from our hotel room.  There always seems to be more down time when you’re playing on the road than when you are at home.  Fortunately in the Florida State League travel is a piece of cake.  The longest trip we have is about 4 hours, compared to 12 hours last year when I was in the SAL league.  Some of those trips were brutal!

This morning we went to the local gym and lifted weights for about an hour.  Lifting weights during the season is much different than the offseason.  In season it is all about maintenance lifting, and trying to keep body weight.  We usually lift twice a week in season.  You can’t go to heavy and risk getting sore, since you play every day.  Whereas the offseason lifting regiment is much harder.  It is usually for a couple hours a day for 5 or so days a week, and I am constantly sore! 

We just recently got some new players to the squad, Walter Ibarra and Brian Baisley.  They have been contributing both to our offensive and defensive game.  While I am on that topic- that’s another tough aspect the regular fan may not know about the minors.  In a week or two you could be sent off to another team in a different state or time zone.  Some guys on our team have been sent to Charleston, South Carolina (Low A)and Trenton, New Jersey (Double A), other New York Yankees minor league affiliates.  It really is a wild lifestyle. 

Well, that’s all for now.  I will be back in a week or so to update again!  Thanks to everyone who reads and comments.

Matt Cusick

Cue’s Corner

Dear family, friends, fans, bloggers, and most importantly-moms, Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope that every mom, grandma, host mom, step mom, and team mom have a great day today.  Speaking of which, my mom was just out to visit for about a week.  I am originally from California, so it was a long trip for her out here to visit, although I think she enjoyed her stay watching us play.  Also, my girlfriend came out a few weeks ago to visit, and is planning another trip currently.  It is always nice to have visitors during the long season, especially when you are so far from home.

Today is an off day for us, and we do out best to take advantage of them.  (We only get about 1 every 2 weeks!)  I use off days as time to relax and get away from baseball.  I am probably going to head to the pool since it is such a nice day here in Florida, and maybe go see a movie later this afternoon. 

I will also be tuning in later to watch the Laker game.  I am not a huge basketball fan, but I used to go to a few Laker games back in college.  Our campus is literally walking distance from where they play.  I would like to see the Lakers go all the way, although I don’t see anyone stopping Lebron James and the Cavaliers right now.  They look unstoppable.

Thank you all for your cooking comments.  My roommate Eric just recently bought ‘A Man, A Can, A Plan’ and has put together a few recipes.  The cornbread casserole is really good! 

I have not been to the Dallas Bull, although I have heard of it.  In fact, some of the guys were talking about going to see country singer Eric Church perform there in a couple weeks.  I will definitely visit there before my days in Tampa end.  And yes, I enjoy Toby Keith a lot!  In fact, I used his song “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” as my walkup song to hit back in 2007 when I was in short-season A ball. 

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day!

Matt Cusick

-Errors and omissions-

Over the past week I learned how to properly spell “Yuker”.  “Euchre” is how it is spelled in Webster’s.  I didn’t major in English so your gonna have to take it easy on me!  Also, I was informed by one of our coaches, Tim McIntosh, that “barbequing” is when you are cooking our for at least 3 hours, while “grilling” is the proper terminology used for cooking for less than 3 hours.  Back in California we only use the term barbeque.  My deepest apologies.  Haha.

First Blog Entry

Yankee fans- this is Matt Cusick, infielder for the Tampa Yankees.  I am taking over for Bradley Suttle’s post, who did a great job in spring training.  You may or may not have heard of me, since I am relatively new to the Yankees.  I was originally drafted by the Houston Astros in 2007 out of USC (the real one not South Carolina!)  Last August, at the trade deadline, I was sent to the Yankees in exchange for pitcher Latroy Hawkins.

We are about one month into the season, and our team has hit its first major speed bump.  We all know that the season is a long grind, and the key to being successful is working hard and trying to limit the inevitable tough times.  Everyone on the team is battling through this, and I am confident that things will get better in no time.

Our team chemistry is great.  We have the typical jokesters on the team who keep the clubhouse fun and loose.  Most of the guys, including myself, play cards in the clubhouse to help pass the down time.  I have already learned some new games like Golf, Rummy, and Yuker. 

Enough about baseball.  My roommates, Eric Fryer and Tommy Baldridge, love cooking and barbequing after games.  It gets tough though because we are so hungry after the game and don’t have the patience for lengthy recipes.  If you guys have any good recipes that are quick and easy, please send them over!  We would greatly appreciate it. 

I also love country music.  Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, and Jason Aldean are some of my favorites.  My roommates and I are trying to get concert tickets for one of our off days. 

I am also a huge fan of the TV show “The Office”.  In fact, a huge fan is an understatement.  I cannot get enough of Michael and Dwight.  I also watch Seinfeld, Family Guy, Entourage, Two and a Half Men, and King of Queens on a regular basis. 

Well, that’s all I got for today.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, and I will do my best to answer them all next week.  Until next time, go Yanks!

Matt Cusick