Spring Training Comes to a Close

Spring Training officially ended after our inter-squad games.  Everyone packed up their equipment and hit the road, except for the guys who are staying in Extended Spring Training.  This is exactly what it sounds like, an extension of Spring Training, you have pretty much the same routine until the draft and the rookie ball teams start.  Any players that are injured or didn’t make a team stay in Extended.  This was the longest week for most of the guys, everyone was anxious to start the season and ready for a couple days off, for a change of scenery, to sleep late and most of all get out of the hotel.  All or most organizations put players up in a hotel for spring training if they don’t have another place to stay.  You can imagine after staying in a hotel room with a roommate that you may or may not like for a month or more… you are ready to move out.  I stayed in the hotel last year, but this year I was lucky enough have a friend here in Tampa that let me stay at his place.  Thanks so much Jake!!

This week we continued the same schedule as last week.  I will be staying in Extended Spring Training to continue rehab until I am healthy and ready to play in games.  I started throwing again, and that went well.  I haven’t started taking batting practice yet, but I anticipate I will start this upcoming week.  A lot of people are asking when I will be ready and where I will be.  That is another tough part about our life as Minor League players.  You never know where you will be or what the team has planned for you, and even if you did, plans can and will change all the time.  I do know it will be at least a few months before I will be able to play infield and I am hoping I will be able to DH within the month.     

This weekend I was able to do a few fun things.  On Friday night a friend of mine invited me to the Chris Tomlin concert that I wanted to go to.  Chris Tomlin is one of the most talented worship leaders in the World as well as an amazing song writer.  So I was really excited to have the opportunity to go to the concert with some of my friends.  The concert was really good and after the concert we went out to eat and ten minutes after we sit down the band walks in.  We got to meet the band and hang out with them for a little while.  On Saturday after practice I meet my friends Garrett and Daniel in St. Pete to check out the Indy Car race that is going on in downtown St. Pete.  I had been to an Indy car race when I was young and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to go again.  It was also a great experience, to see cars going upwards of 200 mph in downtown!  We didn’t see the main race, but there was another race going on and some other stuff.

Thanks again for reading have a great week and God Bless!   


  1. bent13

    I’m a 14 year old from Rochester, NY. I was wondering if you could sign an autograph for me maybe through the mail?

  2. bent13

    I’m a 14 year old from Rochester, NY. I was wondering if you could sign an autograph for me maybe through the mail?

  3. milligan00

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading through your blog. Keep up the good work! Also, I like your taste in music too. I hope that your shoulder gets better soon and you can get back to playing.

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