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Hello Fans, this week I continued my throwing program and completed another phase in my throwing program that consisted of 50 throws at 60 feet.  My arm continued to feel a little bit better so this upcoming week I will be moving back to 90 feet.  I have increased my swings and I am hoping that I will be able to take batting practice this week as well.  It is amazing how far I have come over the past 5 months when I look back at where I have come.  The progress has been so slow that sometimes I forget that I am making progress.  I remember after coming out of my sling 4 weeks after surgery I could barely move my arm.    I distinctly remember saying to myself and to others that it will be a miracle if I can ever lift my arm above my head or throw normally again.  When I evaluated myself day to day, the progress was too small to notice, but when I looked at the progress I made week to week or even every two weeks that is when I see the improvement.   

This week I spent a lot of time reading and working on school work.  School work?  That’s right; I am taking a couple of classes online right now because I want to continue my education and eventually graduate.  I am actually taking a study break as we speak to write this blog.  I have wanted to finish the Government course before Spring Training, but I didn’t quite make it.  O well.  I also, finally, picked up a book that many people had been insisting I read, “Beyond Belief” by Josh Hamilton.  The book is about Josh’s childhood, his fall into drug abuse, and eventually his incredible comeback and where he found “The Strength to Come Back”.  The book lived up to the hype that so many people had built. I finished the book in a few days, most of that reading done in one afternoon.  If you are interested in a true story of baseball, heartbreak, overcoming amazing odds, inspiration, or encouragement I would strongly recommend it.   

Well, tomorrow is the first day of official Spring Training, which marks the beginning of another season.  Over the next month our performance will determine where we will start the beginning of the 2009 season.  So I can say with fairly good certainty that the guys are resting right now, getting ready for the upcoming week.  Everyone has arrived now and completed their physicals, which were finished this morning. 

Next week I will give you a report on what Spring Training is really like.  Have a blessed week and thanks again for reading!


Bradley, I’m happy to hear that your arm is getting better and that you are continuing with your studies! That is very important. Take it slow in rehab and I hope the first day of camp goes well for you! Thanks for the book recommendation.


Hi Bradley,

I?ve already decided that I love this blog ? mostly because it gives me one more way to extend my own ?study breaks.? 🙂

Just kidding ? maybe.

Anyway, I?m glad to hear that your arm is continuing to improve. It sounds like most of your rehab is behind you now, and you?ll be back to 100% soon.
Best of luck with everything. I?m looking forward to reading your insights throughout the season.

Hello Brad,

I saw you play when the Dogs visited the Lakewood Blue Claws last year in August. I was the guy shouting Dogs’ first names before each at bat and “Let’s go Dogs” when you came off of the field for each new inning. Assuming you are promoted to Tampa, the next chance I get will be when you reach the Trenton Thunder. I’m sure you and some of the other Dogs will see Trenton in July or August 2009. Best of luck to all!!!

I read several blogs a day on the yankees and I probably know as much about the yankees as anyone does. Ive been excited and looking forward to reading about the next class of the farm system coming through, refering to a lot of the true talent the yankees have. Which of course includes you, Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances, Austin Romine, and I believe Zach McAllister. I know the yankees over paid you in the forth round to join them and Im expecting big things out of you guys and the guys in Tampa. Hope you continue this blog and give us a deep insight on what life as a minor leaguer is. I will be checking this blog often lol, good luck with your rehab sounds like you will be good to go soon.

Hey Bradley – Congrats on being #8 on the Latest Leader’s List for Players on MLBlogs!


Hey Bradley,
I am having a mock draft on my blog tomorrow
(March 14th) at 7:00 and I was wondering if you would like to participate. You can let me know by leaving a comment on my blog indicating if you would like to before 6:00 PM tomorrow.

The Manoman
P.S. If it says you don’t have permission to comment on my blog all you have to do is sign out and sign back in

Hey Bradley, good luck this year, I am pulling for you here. It’s the prospects that keep the team rolling. For example when you are doing good and the guy ahead is struggling they have to do better that sets a chain reaction so. Good Luck this season. Yanks in 09!!!

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