Back to the Basics

Hello again fans! Spring Training started on Monday and with that comes longer days and shorter nights.  This was a really busy week for me for a couple of reasons.  Most of the guys show up before 8 am and don’t leave till after 3pm.  Which may not sound too bad, but when you are in uniform out in the Florida sun most of the day, it wears you out.  We also had a lot of boring mandatory meetings that make the days a little longer, and on top of that I had a couple of doctor appointments.  Lastly, my girlfriend came to visit me, which I really enjoyed but that kept me busy as well.  We went out on a couple of dates to catch up and watch some movies.  Many of the minor league players have girlfriends, and it is tough because we move around so often, therefore we are forced to have long distance relationships.  We have Spring Training in Tampa, Florida, we play our regular season somewhere else, and then most of us move home in the off season which is in another place still.  So it makes relationships harder. 

Spring Training started well for me, but then took a turn for the worse.  I started taking batting practice and continued my throwing program, but later in the week my arm started getting sore.  Since then I have taken a step back to let my arm calm down and recover.  This was disappointing, but at the same time I was thankful that nothing was seriously wrong and my arm was just overloaded with all the new activity.  Mom, Dad, Johanna: thank you for all your prayers.    

During the first week of Spring Training we start with the basics.  Infielders went over things from how to field a ground ball to how to take leads off the bases.  Pitchers moved quickly from throwing bullpens to live batting practice.  They have also spent numerous hours taking PFP (Pitchers Fielding Practice) and conditioning.  The last few days we have started doing more team work, such as bunt defenses, cuts, relays, and pick-off plays. Spring Training goes by quick, we have already started facing live pitching and this next week we will start playing games.   

God Bless, Have a great week!


Hey Bradley – thanks for the up date! I’m glad you got to spend time with your girlfriend – always make time for that! – and take care of your arm! I’ll keep you in my prayers; continued good health and good like in spring training!


Brad, my son Eric is 16 and plays baseball at churchill in San Antonio. He was diagnosed with Type I less than a year ago. He seems very angry towards his parents. He is doing very well with baseball it is just his anger problem. Can you give him any advice since you have gone through what he has. I have two daughters who play college softball and I think Eric will also play in college. You are a good inspiration for kids like Eric. Thank you, Jay Moritz in San Antonio. My direct email is if you want to contact me directly. I am not selling anything.

Hey Bradley–great to meet you at the BCS championship game and i’m glad things are going well. we’ll be prayin for you this season. Jordan in waco.

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